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Alternative Rock band Violet Breed. New Original Music Coming Soon 


Brian Wheat – Founder and bassist of the multi-platinum selling band Tesla – has recently announced a new partnership and band with AleX, an up-and-coming singer songwriter from the U.K.


This new venture, which will perform under the name “Violet Breed”, and will see the pair writing original new music, taking emotive and honest lyrics to the stage. Over the last year they have created an album based on AleX’s and Brian’s life experiences, to appeal to audiences of all ages, all wrapped up in a rich rock/pop sound. 


Brian and AleX are able to tap into experiences from these diverse generations, which adds to the depth of the music they produce. Their passion and inspiration for music is born from a shared love for records by The Beatles, Paul McCartney, Queen, and My Chemical Romance. Influences from these bands is subtly interwoven in their music.


Over his successful forty years in the music industry, Brian has crafted an enviable musical career. Performing live, author to autobiography - ‘Son Of A Milkman’ and managing the multi platinum selling rock band Tesla, alongside side projects such as SouL MotoR and now Violet Breed. Brian has maintained an impressive consistency in the music industry over multiple decades resulting in an abundance of sell-out tours across the US and world.


Over the last ten years, Brian has acted as a close mentor and peer to AleX. Notably being huge influence in the studio, producing and co-writing songs. His oversight has helped refine the music AleX creates and brought priceless industry experience for AleX to further improve his craft.

With his own individual success on active rock radio, numerous successful tours and festival appearances, and constantly performing to a demanding live schedule, Brian notices the potential of AleX’s talents and commitment, and recognises snippets of his younger self in the artist.

Having displayed a unique range of vocal performances, heavily inspired by Freddie Mercury, plus a natural talent for song writing, the opportunity to form a new band seemed inevitable.


Stay tuned. Violet Breed is coming soon…

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